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Spring 2010

Stephen R. Covey becomes the first Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership

By Steve Eaton, editor

Feb. 18, 2010, has just become a red-letter day in the history of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and Utah State University.

That’s the day the Huntsman School of Business officially announced that Stephen R. Covey would be joining its faculty as a tenured, full professor at Utah State University and the first incumbent of the Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership.

The announcement, held at the Huntsman Corporation in Salt Lake City, was seen live on television screens around the George S. Eccles Business Building by Huntsman students at USU. The press release about the announcement was picked up by more than 200 news sites across the country. Neil Cavuto, the host of “Your World,” a business news show on Fox television, interviewed Dr. Covey and Mr. Huntsman. Even the Wall Street Journal posted a story about the appointment.

Dean Douglas D. Anderson, Jon M. Huntsman, and President Stan Albrecht

Dean Douglas D. Anderson, Jon M. Huntsman and President Stan Albrecht greet Stephen R. Covey after the announcement. (Photo by Casey McFarland)

USU President Stan Albrecht predicted this would only be the beginning of more great things to come for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

“In making this announcement, we add to the Jon M. Huntsman name another that is recognized around the entire globe, that of Stephen R. Covey,” President Albrecht said. “His accomplishments and influence as an internationally respected leadership authority, teacher, organizational consultant and author are known literally by millions of people around the entire globe. His historic appointment to the Huntsman School will bring exciting new opportunities for us to continue to attract a world-class faculty and for developing programmatic excellence that truly will be recognized around the globe.”

Dean Douglas D. Anderson said that Mr. Huntsman’s December 2007 gift of $25 million to the Huntsman School of Business was a transformative gift that led to another gift, the funding of two Huntsman Presidential Chairs.

“Without your leadership, without your vision, without your passion and faith in us, this day could not have happened,” Dean Anderson said to Mr. Huntsman. “And we are so grateful to you for helping us quicken our pace and elevate our sights and believe in the possibility of building a world-class business school in Logan.”

Dean Anderson also announced that the school would begin raising money to establish the Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership.

Dr. Covey said he hoped to help the school teach principle-centered leadership.

“I’m very humbled, honored and appreciative of this appointment and opportunity to serve Utah State University,” he said.

Mr. Huntsman said Dr. Covey has been a friend for more than 45 years.

“Dr. Covey is a unique individual,” he said, calling him “a prince in our own kingdom.”

Dr. Covey

From left: Dr. Covey signs a book. He wears a reminder of his family mission statement on his wrist. Dr. Covey greets friends at the announcement. Karen and Jon M. Huntsman enjoy the moment.
(Photos by Casey McFarland)