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USU students give big: Group gathers 5,000 pounds of food

The Herald Journal

Looking around the parking lot in front of the Cache Community Food Pantry on Friday afternoon, Shawn Miller couldn’t help but break out into a smile after he finished counting heads.

“Seven. Eight. And the last two guys are in the truck and on their way with the food, so that’s everyone,” Miller announced.

One of the leaders of a group of Utah State University students from a management class at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Miller helped spearhead an ambitious effort over the past six weeks that resulted in the collection of more than 5,000 pounds of food. 

“A lot of times, group projects are really hard because one or two people do all the work,” Miller said. “But in this group, it’s been great because all 10 people have done everything they can.”

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