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Spiraling Upward: USU student markets designer notebooks

The Herald Journal
By Kevin Opsahl

One of the rooms in Tyler Tolson’s Logan home is filled with boxes.

And inside those boxes are volumes upon volumes of notebooks — but not the typical composition books with the marbled black-and-white covers that are the hallmark of every public school classroom.

The notebook covers are colorful and vibrant, each with its own unique artwork design — some of which Tolson created himself.

One features a photo taken from his grandmother’s album collection of a “long lost cousin,” circa 1970s, sitting on a couch next to a pug dog with huge headphones and a cigarette in its mouth.

Other designs feature random things, including sumo wrestlers or the streets of Salt Lake City.

The spiral notebooks and journals are the products behind Tolson’s new business, Denik, which sells books featuring work from artists as close as Salt Lake City and as far as southeast Asia. With very little advertising, the business has managed to sell almost 1,000 notebooks to date since its founding in September, he said...

As a student in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU, he founded a small company called Pargo Tech, providing a way for customers to reserve parking at large sporting venues. The profit he made from that covered the start-up costs to pursue the spiral notebook endeavor...

Upon founding the business, he enlisted several of his friends to help him. Namely, Jordan Haws, who graduated from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business with a degree in finance last year and Chris Reese, who will graduate with a degree in sales marketing this spring...

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