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Huntsman Scholars raise money to build school

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The Utah Statesman
By Tim Barber

Students involved in USU's Huntsman Scholar program have teamed up with Effect International, a nonprofit organization with ties to USU, to raise $25,000 to build a school in India.

"Effect International is unique in the fact they completely localize the initiative to build a new school," said Luci Griffiths, a senior majoring in economics and political science. "We won't be raising funds for Americans to go build there, it will be completely done by local Indian citizens — 100 percent of the funds we raise will be going to build the school".

Service has been part of the Huntsman Scholars organization since its inception, but a project on an international level such as this is a first for the group, said Milo Williams, a senior majoring in business administration and co-president of the Huntsman Scholars.

"We had goals at the beginning of the year to undertake a project together as a group — whether that entailed starting a business or nonprofit organization," Williams said. "There were other proposals such as building a house, organizing a bike or jersey drive. After narrowing down a few ideas and seeing a presentation by Effect International, the group voted and decided to pursue this project."

Griffiths said the group wanted to find a way to give back and follow the example of Jon Huntsman, the namesake for the School of Business.

Group leaders are looking to raise $25,000, which will pay for the construction of the school as well as operating costs for one year, said Griffiths, also a co-president of Huntsman Scholars.

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