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Local company launches online textbook site

Editor's Note: The CEO, COO, and VP of Global Strategy for are all Huntsman alumni. CFO Brad Gessell is a current finance and economics student at the Huntsman School. To read the Huntsman Post article on, please click here.

The Herald Journal
By Matthew K. Jensen

Never before has information been so accessible, yet the cost of college textbooks remains prohibitively expensive.

A Cache Valley company hopes to change that with a cutting-edge approach to publishing course materials for both students and professors and the idea, it seems, is catching on quickly.

Logan based BookEducator.comis creating a library of electronic textbooks for college and university courses without bookstore prices. Of course, the idea of digitizing textbooks is nothing new, so the company is tackling the concept from a different angle. By bypassing traditional publishing companies, the firm can partner directly with authors and create electronic versions of academic text with minimal cost to students...

“We’re working on getting new authors to write new textbooks because the publishers have copyright over the ones currently out there,” explains Erin Buttars, CEO and recent USU Huntsman graduate. “A lot of professors/authors we’ve talked to are excited and want to get involved with this project. We’ve got a ton of emails from interested professors and many of them think this is the future of textbooks.”

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