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Center to help students create businesses

The Utah Statesman
By Bracken Allen

At the most recent meeting of the USU Board of Trustees, a proposal from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business got approval to create the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Jim Davis and Mike Glauser, who were hired by the Huntsman School this summer to develop the center, presented the idea to the board. The two described the center as a way to provide students with opportunities "to bridge the gap between formal classroom education and real-world experience."

Davis is department head of management, while Glauser is the executive director for entrepreneurial programs.

The purpose of the center is to help students gain an understanding of the key elements of business, Davis said, such as developing business models and low-cost marketing strategies. Emphasizing unique aspects of entrepreneurship, including fostering innovation and planning the launch of the new venture are also taught.

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