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Deseret News dialogue with Jon Huntsman Sr.

I'm standing in the exquisite lobby of the Huntsman Cancer Institute on a rainy afternoon. Even with gloomy weather outside, the wood-paneled atrium is bathed in natural light.

I'm waiting for the Institute's benefactor, Jon Huntsman Sr., to arrive for a brief tour and interview. As he steps through the door, Institute employees greet him. But before Huntsman can reach us, he is stopped by a woman overcome with emotion.

She is the mother of a cancer patient in the hospital, anxious to express heartfelt gratitude for the care her son is receiving. Huntsman steps aside to give her his undivided attention. He listens intently and comforts her with a hug.

By this time, Huntsman's son, David, has greeted me. David Huntsman, who is president and CEO of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, tells me that this kind of emotional interruption takes place "every few minutes. Everyone wants to visit with him, and it's important to him take the time to visit."

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