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Mrs. Tiffany D. Bergsjo – A.S., Office Systems Support, 2000; B.S., Business Information Systems, 2001

Herald Journal
Along the curves of Logan’s Canyon Road, amidst towering trees with golden leaves, sits a neighborhood that is influencing other parts of the city to join together and be good neighbors. The River Hollow Neighborhood Alliance, which has been in existence for a year and a half, started because the residents saw a need and decided to fill it themselves, said Jim Reese, the River Hollow Neighborhood Alliance president. “We just got together as a bunch of neighbors and decided what we can do,” Reese said. Last year, Reese and other residents noticed an apartment in the neighborhood looked run down. After talking with the apartment residents, the neighbors pitched in to help clean up. “I thought, ‘What can I do as a neighbor?’” Reese said. After that, the residents decided to form an alliance that includes all people living east of Preston Avenue and north of 100 North and Logan River. The goal of the alliance is not to judge, harm or make money, Reese said. The money coming in from fundraisers goes to neighborhood improvement projects, and alliance members are there to help each other out. Reese said if a neighbor has a messy-looking property, it usually takes only talking with them and offering to help to get it cleaned up to see improvement. “We feel we’ve done some good, and it’s not all, but it’s working,” Reese said. The neighborhood alliance receives encouragement and support from the city, though it operates as its own separate entity, Reese said. Since the alliance’s formation, Reese has talked with others who are interested in forming a neighborhood alliance. A lot of people are inspired by what the River Hollow Alliance has done to clean up the neighborhood, said James Olson, the Logan Community Development Block Grant coordinator. Reese was invited
to present to the Logan Neighborhood Council about how the alliance operates by pulling human resources together and using the city as a partner. “People were really into the idea,” Olson said. Logan’s neighborhood council held meetings last month regarding property maintenance. Olson said reaction from residents varied widely on the level of influence the city should have. “Some want it to be manicured and pristine... others are all bets off,” Olson said. As a way to inspire residents, the River Hollow Neighborhood Alliance council members gave “Good Neighbor Awards” to people last week. Six residents or couples were chosen by their neighbors, Reese said. Fifty people were nominated in all. The awards included categories of service and property management. Sixteen-yearold Heather Child received the Youth Volunteer award. The Logan High School junior enjoys playing with neighborhood children, serving others and reading to a neighbor who has impaired sight. Child said she became interested in her neighbor and Young Women’s leader who taught youth lessons in church without being able to read because her sight is not very good. Her father arranged for her to start reading to the woman. “She’s helped me become a much better reader, and we’ve become really good friends,” Child said. Service is an important aspect of the neighborhood that draws residents together, according to Child. “It shows that we care about each other, and it shows the love in the neighborhood,” she said. Tiffany Bergsjo, who received the Property Improvement award with her husband, Andy, said they had a lot of help from their neighbors in doing a complete makeover of their yard. After living several years without a yard, the Bergsjos tore out and replaced the sprinkler
system and redid the landscaping. A neighbor who owns a landscaping business offered to help, and people who lived nearby came to help put in sod. To Lucy Davies, who received the Home Beautification award with her husband, Jim, their large landscaped yard surrounded by a white picket fence is a good example for others. “It’s good work for us, and we like people to see nice things — neat and clean and taken care of,” Davies said. Three other awards were given out. The recipients of the Best Renter award are Kent and Jennifer Braddy, Neighborhood Service went to Bryan Bird and Best Landlord Support was awarded to Blaine and Debra Flukiger.