Alumni in the News

Stan T. Chappell – B.S., Accounting, 1974

Richfield Reaper
Two employees are being recognized for their dedicated service as they say goodbye to Garkane Energy. Stan Chappell, chief financial officer, and Sherolyn Langston, executive assistant to the chief executive officer, have a combined service of 70 years – Chappell with 37 years and Langston with 33 years. Chappell started for the company in 1976, according to Carl Albrecht, Garkane CEO. “He was working at Bullfrog on Lake Powell for the concessionaire at the time we hired him,” Albrecht said. He describes Chappell as a dedicated, loyal employee who has been a great caretaker of the company’s finances throughout his career. “He has always looked out for the company’s best interests and through the years, has saved Garkane a lot of money through his conservative nature and shrewd dealings,” Albrecht said. Chappell said that after 37 years, he can still recall the feelings of e4xcitement of a new job, meeting new friends, facing new challenges, and the anticipation of opportunities that lay ahead with the chance of working for Garkane Energy. “What is most amazing after those 37 years with Garkane is that I still find the job exciting, challenging, and the opportunities never stop,” Chappell said. “New friends have now become lifelong friends.” Chappell said he attributes those experiences to the cooperative principle, the way Garkane conducts its business, and the way it treats its customers and employees. “Garkane has been great to my family, and I will be forever grateful,” Chappell said. “I’m proud to be part of her success the past 37 years, and I wish only the best for the cooperative in the future.” A 1969 graduate of Wayne High School, Chappell attended Dixie Junior College, Brigham Young University, and received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Utah State University in 1974. In his spare time, Chappell enjoys hunting, fishing and playing golf. He and his wife of 39 years, Becky Peacock, reside in Richfield and have four children including Sadie and Ric Jaggi, Hurricane: Mitzi and Seth Lundgreen; Candice and Tony Barney, all Monroe; and Kyle Chappell, St. George. They also have eight grandchildren. Chappell’s future plans include traveling, visiting and enjoying his grandchildren and other family members, as well as playing golf. Langston, who also served as the company’s board of directors’ deputy secretary, worked for Garkane from December 1979 through December 2012. “We appreciate her many years of service and wish her luck in her retirement,” said Neal Brown, Garkane spokesperson. Langston said that the thing she’s missed the most since her retirement has been the people. “You miss the involvement of co-workers,” Langston said. “I knew that would be the case… and you feel it.” She said that though people look forward to retirement, it’s also somewhat bittersweet. “It’s kind of an empty feeling for a while,” Langston said. Langston said that she has had some great learning experiences thus far since her retirement. “One thing I figured out that you do is get dressed first thing,” Langston said. She said that one never knows if somebody’s going to show up, and a person needs to be prepared. “You’d better get some decent clothes on, because if you have to run, you have to run,” Langston said. According to Langston, there have also been some advantages to being retired, including not having to get up at 4:30 a.m. “You have time to be wherever you need to be without always just towing the mark at 5 minutes ‘til 6,” Langston said. She said that by the time they left Wayne County, sometimes it was difficult to make it to Christensen’s in time if she wanted some chocolate chips. “Now, I can go at 10 o’clock in the morning if I want,” Langston said. Sherolyn and her husband Eric reside in Richfield, and she has one son Clinton Morrill, Richfield, and four grandchildren. Marcus Lewis is replacing Chappell as the company’s new CFO, while Langston’s duties have been divided among existing employees. Garkane Energy is based in Loa.