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Brandon K. Butterfield - B.S., Marketing, 1992 - Riverton, UT

Pro Platinum

LifeVantage Corporation (OTCBB:LFVN), the leader in Nrf2 science and the maker of Protandim®, the Nrf2
Synergizer® patented dietary supplement, announced today that it recently expanded its management team to
continue to support the Company's strategic objectives and to further its unprecedented growth. These new
team members will be located in Utah at the Company's corporate headquarters where they will support the
growing infrastructure. "We are gratified to lead the fight against oxidative stress, primarily through Nrf2
activation, and because leading companies lead—they never follow—it's critical we continue to have the right
people in place to help us further our objectives and accomplish our strategies," said Douglas C. Robinson,
President and CEO. "Each new role on our management team brings valuable experience that will be instrumental in accommodating distributor growth, continued profitable growth, geographic expansion and
the strategic introduction of new and complementary products." The LifeVantage Management Team
includes the following new roles: Robert M. Urban, Chief Operating Officer (COO): Mr. Urban oversees
global operations, infrastructure and the efficiencies associated with that to support the continued growth of
LifeVantage. His operational experience includes program and project management, process reengineering,
systems integration, mechanical and test engineering as well as human resources, finance, benefits
administration, time and absence management, payroll and labor relations. Mr. Urban received a B.S. in
Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business Administration from Gonzaga University and earned his
Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Rob Cutler, General
Counsel: Mr. Cutler provides support to all departments of LifeVantage related to its ongoing growth and
expansion. He is also responsible for LifeVantage legal and risk management matters worldwide. He received
a B.A. in Finance from the University of Utah, a juris doctorate from Brigham Young University and has
focused his career advising national and multi-national companies, including biotech and pharmaceutical
corporations in both a legal and business development capacity. Brandon K Butterfield, VP Marketing and
Communications: Mr. Butterfield oversees the Company's strategic marketing efforts including the creation
and communication of its international brand, products, events, investor relations and sales support globally,
as well as all corporate communications efforts. His professional background includes marketing, product
development, ecommerce, social media, integrated communications and finance and he received a B.S. in
Marketing with a minor in Economics from Utah State University. Kirby Zenger, Chief Network Officer: Mr.
Zenger, former Chief Operating Officer of LifeVantage, is now responsible for the Company's global
networking operations, working closely with LifeVantage independent distributors to achieve sales revenue
and growth. Mr. Zenger has decades of experience in sales, marketing, branding, operations and international
expansion and is highly regarded in business circles as well as the direct sales industry.