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William F. Shughart II Publishes Scholarly Handbook on Managerial Economics

William Shughart

Dr. William F. Shughart II has co-edited a new book.

The first scholarly handbook in managerial economics published, co-edited by the Huntsman School’s own Economics Professor William F. Shughart II, is now available for purchase in both the United States and Europe.

“The Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics,” co-edited by Christopher R. Thomas, associate professor of economics at the University of South Florida, is Dr. Shughart's twelfth book-length work.

Each of the volume's 25 chapters is written by a different scholar, expert, or business consultant from around the world and is targeted toward researchers, graduate students, and business school instructors as an overview of what questions in the field of managerial economics have been answered, and those that have yet to be addressed.

The book’s contents cover a wide range of issues including cost estimation, product development and promotion, make-or-buy decisions,  organizational design, performance pay, corporate governance, strategies for multinational corporations, and the social responsibilities of business, among others. Problems yet to be solved are also addressed, and readers are pointed toward future topics of research.

As Utah State University’s J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice, Dr. Shughart has published more than 200 peer-reviewed academic journal articles, book chapters, and book reviews.

Follow this link for ordering information regarding The Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics.