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Professor Randy Simmons on Carbon Taxes in National Journal’s Blog

 Randy T. Simmons, professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at the Huntsman School, and Ryan M. Yonk, professor in the Department of Political Science at Southern Utah University, published a blog post in the National Journal's Energy Experts blog in January.

The post was in response to the question, “What should Washington do about climate change?” Dr. Simmons and Dr. Yonk challenged the claim by many economists that a carbon tax is an effective response. They suggested that a carbon tax “will have far more to do with benefitting the politically powerful than with protecting human or ecological health.”

Dr. Simmons has been accepted as a regular contributor to the blog.

“This blog has become one of the most read policy blogs in D.C.,” Dr. Simmons said. “It’s a great venue for moving academic research into the public discourse.”

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