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Article Published by Huntsman Professors is Widely Circulated, Translated Into French

Ed Stafford and Cathy Hartman

When Huntsman Professors Edwin Stafford and Cathy Hartman do research it gets mileage.

Photo by: Donna Barry

When Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford submitted a story in summer of 2012 called, “Making Green More Macho,” they had no idea it would end up being translated into French.

The story that was published in the cross-disciplinary, sustainability journal Solutions, has been picked up by the Veblen Institute, a not-for-profit think tank, in Paris, and translated into French.

Huntsman professors Hartman and Stafford, who have been studying environmental marketing since 1995, were inspired to write the article after an OgilvyEarth study stated in April 2011 that being environmentally aware had a feminine stigma.

In the story, the Huntsman professors drew from their message-framing research to share ways marketers could better reach male audiences with green messages.

“Effectively framing messages to appeal to your audience’s values can make all the difference,” Dr. Hartman said.

The article was picked up by other publications and it bounced around online making the social media rounds after it was published.

“This was the first time we ever had an academic article circulate on Facebook and Twitter!” Dr. Stafford said.

Read the original article.

Read the French transcription.