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Austrailian Professor, Cagri Kumru, Presents Research on Aging Populations

Cagri Kumru and James Feigenbaum

Australian Professor Cagri Kumru shares his research findings with Huntsman Professor James Feigenbaum.
Photo by Steve Eaton

An assistant professor from Australian National University, Cagri Kumru, visited the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business for two weeks in January to collaborate on research about aging populations.

USU’s Economics and Finance Department has established expertise in economic issues related to aging through an association called the Quantitative Society for Pensions and Savings that was established by Huntsman Professor Frank Caliendo in 2009.

Dr. Kumru, who has published in major academic journals, is a research associate in the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence in Research on Population and Aging. The organization does research to help public policy makers with decisions to benefit people where demographic population shifts are most pronounced.

While the United States faces looming public policy challenges that come from having an older population base, its relatively high birth rate means the country still has some years to respond to these challenges. Other countries, including China and Japan, face a more immediate imbalance of young people to old people, so there is much for American economists and policymakers to learn from the work being done on aging in other countries.

Dr. Kumru graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and was at the Huntsman School of Business at the invitation of James Feigenbaum, a Huntsman professor whose previous appointment was at the University of Pittsburgh.