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Bronze Award Goes to School for Video Created for the Huntsmans

By Steve Eaton

It all started because people wanted to show their gratitude to Jon M. Huntsman in a way that might be meaningful to him. The unexpected result was that nine months later the Huntsman School has been recognized with a Telly Award.

Telly Awards come from a New York-based organization by the same name that recognizes outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as other video and film projects, by giving out awards, at the Silver and Bronze levels. The Huntsman School won a Bronze award in the category of “Internet/Online Programs Segments, or Promotional Pieces.”

The Huntsman School of Business has won a Bronze Telly Award

It started in August 2011 when Dave Patel, assistant dean, drafted Sterling Morris, who was, at the time, a graduate student assistant and asked him to create a video that would feature Huntsman students expressing gratitude for how the Huntsman Cancer Institute had impacted them or those close to them. Jon Huntsman is long-time supporter of the effort to find a cure for cancer, and generously supports the institute that bears his name, having donated to it more than $300 million.

The film, that was just over five minutes long, was shown as a surprise at the Huntsman School Annual Scholarship and Awards Banquet in fall of 2011, that was attended by Jon and Karen Huntsman. The students also thanked the Huntsmans for their support of the Huntsman School of Business.

After the video, students presented Jon and Karen Huntsman with a check for $16,000, money they had raised for the institute.

“While $16,000 may not be a lot of money for a huge organization like the Huntsman Cancer Institute, it is quite a bit of money to come from college students who can barely afford macaroni and cheese,” Sterling said.

Sterling said that with the administrative help of Huntsman School student Brent Meacham and others he managed to put the film together in a matter of days.

Sterling said this was the first time he ever won an award for something he produced.

“I thought it was cool,” Sterling said. “I know a lot of production companies are very excited if they ever win a Telly and will display the award, if they get it, in their studios. It’s always fun to get an award.”

The organization says that only 25 percent of those who submit films each year earn a Bronze award. The company says it drafts more than 500 “accomplished industry professionals” to judge the competition each year. All of them are previous winners of the Silver Telly award.