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Huntsman MBA Students Win Second Place in Marketing Competition

By Rob Goates

A team of Huntsman MBA students recently competed in “Launch the Lollipop,” a statewide marketing competition, and won second place, taking home a $2,500 prize.

Clint Hugie, Melinda Ryan, and Charles Major competed against 30 other teams of Utah college students for $10,000 in cash prizes at the University of Utah on March 9.

Student teams from USU, Westminster College, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University were each tasked to create a launch plan and subsequent marketing plan for Lollipals, the hand-poured lollipops from Alpine-based Kencraft Candy. The inaugural competition was sponsored by Dolphin Capital, a private equity firm and the parent company of Kencraft Candy.

Team members Clint Hugie, Melinda Ryan, and Charles Major took second place.

Photo by Rob Goates

“We found it was an exciting opportunity to collaborate together and make something memorable,” said Clint, the team captain. “With Melinda’s ability to pitch anything and Charles’ attention to detail, I felt like I was the facilitator of both Melinda and Charles’ greatness and, obviously, that paid off. We are pleased with the results of our efforts.”

In their plan, the USU team advised lowering the product price, allowing for a greater volume to be sold. They also suggested the use of advertisements on the lollipop to cover the entire production cost and that the product be sold at sports games and other large events with the event details stamped on the lollipop to create a product that is more memorable.

Another competition sponsor was Love Communications, a Salt Lake City-based marketing and advertising agency.

University of Utah MBA students Kaitlin Jacobs, McCall Lewis, and Kristine Taylor took first place in the competition, winning $5,000. Their proposed ideas will now be used by Kencraft Candy as it begins the launch of its Lollipal product.

BYU marketing undergrads Maren Bennett, Taylor Jensen, Mary Lyman, Sarah Mabey, and Nathan Parkin came in third, receiving $1,000. Three teams were additionally awarded honorable mention, and they each received $500.