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Race Aims to Open Doors to Master’s Program that Finds Jobs for Every Graduate

Students stuff marshmallows in their partners' mouths to win points for their team during The Amazing Race.

Students hold a balloon between them as they make their way up the stairs up Old Main Hill as part of The Amazing Race.

Students compete in a three-legged event during The Amazing Race.

Photos by Paul Lewis Siddoway

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

Utah State University students raced all over campus recently, competing for prizes such as two vouchers for free airplane tickets, in an event which was aimed at informing students about a Huntsman master’s program, which places 100 percent of its graduates.

On Feb. 16, more than 75 students participated in the event, modeled after the television show, “The Amazing Race.” The race was put on by the Master of Science in Human Resources program and The Agency, a student-run marketing firm at the Huntsman School. Students traveled from station to station answering questions about the MSHR program and competing in physical contests.

Lisa Leishman, the MSHR program administrator, said she hoped the event would get the word out that during the two-year program students would be offered the opportunity to complete an international internship. She also wanted people to know that the MSHR program helps every student who graduates find a job.

“The program places 100 percent of our students in professional positions upon graduation,” Lisa said.

Brad Singer, a junior in The Agency, is the account manager who worked with the MSHR program. He said The Agency advertised the race all over campus and online, specifically targeting other majors, such as psychology and sociology. As good as the participation was, the best part was when Julie Pond, a staff assistant for the MSHR program, and Lisa talked to the students about the program while the judges were compiling the data, he said.

“The event was fun and the students were able to enjoy themselves,” Brad said. “But I think after they were sitting down and actually listening to Lisa speaking about the MSHR program was the best part of the event. That was the whole point.”

Lisa and Brad said the race might become an annual event, with more participants and more stations around campus each year. Lisa said she felt like the event was a success.

“We were extremely pleased with the number of students who participated in The Amazing Race and the energy they brought to the event,” Lisa said. “They went away with a better understanding of the incredible MSHR program we have here.”