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Huntsman Graduate Develops Game App

By Connor Child

A recent graduate from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has begun helping people shoot tofu bullets at foxes in hopes of turning the furry critters into vegetarians.

Britney Johnson, who graduated with a degree in management information systems (MIS) in August, programmed an iPhone game called “Coop Shoot,” and it was made available through the iTunes App Store in November. Getting the game into the App Store was a dream come true, she said.

“I grew up wanting to program games,” Britney said. “That was my dream as a kid. Most people dream about becoming astronauts or professional athletes; I wanted to program games.”

The game revolves around a chicken that defends its coop against hungry foxes which are after the chicken’s eggs. The chicken fires tofu bullets at the foxes to convert them into vegetarians.

Reviews of the game have been positive, with customer reviewer Cyron-Senrade calling it “one of the best games to hit the market since Angry Birds.”

Britney developed the game along with her sister, Lauren Johnson, and Lauren’s husband, Shai McDonald. They are already planning to add updates to Coop Shoot and to create new games. Both Lauren and Shai are freshman MIS majors at Utah State University. They were primarily involved with creating the graphics and images. John David Johnson composed the music and sound effects for the game.

All four of them said their experience at the Huntsman School has been a great benefit to them as they created the game. Britney said she learned most of her programming skills while she was pursuing her degree in MIS, and Lauren said there are a lot of talented students and faculty who can be tapped by those who want to launch entrepreneurial projects at the Huntsman School of Business.

Britney also spoke positively about the diversity of her education. She said that as a programmer, she often found it difficult to sit through marketing and accounting courses that didn’t directly relate to her chosen field. Now that she is running her own business, though, she said she is very grateful for the diverse skills she learned at the Huntsman School.

The cost of downloading the application is $0.99. The creators of the game get 70 percent of all sales after the App Store takes its cut. The game is approaching its first 100 downloads while the group is in the process of shifting its focus towards advertising and marketing. It can be downloaded here.