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Huntsman MBA Students Come Out on Top

By Connor Child

MBA students at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business are some of the brightest in the nation according to a national test.

All MBA students at the Huntsman School participate in the MBA version of the Educational Testing Services (ETS) Major Field Test in business. The scores for the on-campus, full-time cohort were recently released, and Huntsman students scored among the best in the nation. Students on the Logan campus scored in the 90th percentile overall, meaning they scored higher than 89 percent of all students. The test is administered by 225 institutions, and 14,406 students participated in the most recent test.

USU MBA students also made notable improvements in several categories of the test. The test is broken up into five main topical fields – marketing, management, finance, managerial accounting, and strategic integration. Logan MBA students finished in the 90th percentile in the marketing category, a 20 percent improvement from 2009.



Eldon Hugie said...

As an Old Aggie who was taught by a great professor at USU, fka USAC, Milton R. Merrill, that, "at the professional level you will learn more from your classmates than you do from the textbooks", I am excited to know that the MBA candidates at USU are getting a quality experience with billiant classmates, excellent professors, and quality facilities - capped with the wonderful atmostpher of Cache Valley. Dean Merrill sent me off to Berkeley for an experience I could now get at USU. Congratulations to all at the Huntsman School of Busines.
October 13, 2011 11:30:00 AM MDT
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