Huntsman Post

The Huntsman Post, a shortcut to the latest posted news

Welcome to the first edition of The Huntsman Post.

Things are changing so fast and so much is going on here at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business that we’ve come up with a new way to share news of our progress with our students, alumni and friends. We are calling it The Huntsman Post because it will offer our readers a quick, organized way to find the latest Huntsman news that is posted on our Web site. The Huntsman Post will initially come out in June and January. The Huntsman Alumni Magazine comes out in September and March.

With this new electronic newsletter, we will have a more effective way to get feedback from you. We want to know what types of stories interest you most. If we are doing something you like with the Huntsman Alumni Magazine and The Huntsman Post, please let us know so we can do more of it. If there are improvements we can make, please let us know about those too.

With an electronic publication, sending us your feedback is just a few clicks away. You may send it directly to the editor, Steve Eaton, by clicking here or you can post a comment at the end of a story after you read it on our Web page. Once we get enough feedback, we’ll be including letters to the editor in both publications.

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