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USU beats Kansas in the final four

By Steve Eaton

Utah State University beat Kansas State in the final four last spring but little was said of the accomplishment in the national press.

That's because the victory wasn't in basketball but by a lesser-known Jon M. Huntsman School of Business team.

One of the HR teams practices. They are, from left to right, Nate Peterson, Jacquie Snyder and Yvette King. Photo by Sterling Morris

The latest win came at the regional HR Games where teams from the Huntsman School of Business finished with first- and second-place finishes. The final four included teams from Kansas State University and Mesa State College, but final game was between two Huntsman teams. This is the ninth year in a row Huntsman students have claimed the first-place victory at the regional competition.

The competition, sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management, was held in Albuquerque, N.M. Utah State was allotted two teams in the competition because of first- and second-place finishes in the state tournament held earlier this year.

“We wanted it,” said Lydia Bushman, captain of the first-place team. “We wanted to win, and we wanted to say that we are the best at what we do. After a lot of teamwork and collaborating, we were lucky enough to answer the questions correctly and get everything together.”

The two, three-person teams started preparing for the games last fall by dissecting human resource concepts and vocabulary.

Members of the two Huntsman teams pose for a picture after their victories. They are, from left to right, Jacquie Snyder, Yvette King, Nate Peterson, Brian Francom, Lydia Bushman, Stephen Allred

The regional HR Games is a “Jeopardy”-style competition that tests students on relevant material in areas of human resources such as strategic management, workforce planning and employment, human resources development, employee and labor relations, total rewards and risk management.

This year’s regional first-place team included Stephen Allred, Lydia Bushman and Brian Francom. Yvette King, Jacquie Snyder and Nate Peterson finished second.

The winning effort was guided by faculty coaches Carrie Belsito and Al Warnick, both of the Department of Management, along with graduate students Cari Markham and A.J. Kim.