Huntsman Post

Students find solutions - in Portuguese

By Connor Child

Logan Smith, left, talks with Shelton Gramse and Justin Kohler as they walk across the Logan USU campus. - Photo by Connor Child

Imagine standing before a panel of judges to present solutions and answer questions about a rigorous business case. Now imagine doing it in a language other than your own.

Three teams from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business did exactly that on Nov. 12 at the BYU Business Language Case Competition. The Portuguese team, consisting of Shelton Gramse, Logan Smith and Justin Kohler, finished in second place. The Huntsman School of Business also sent a Spanish team and a Mandarin Chinese team to the competition.

None of the students on the Portuguese team had ever worked together prior to the competition. They met a month before the event after being recruited and taught by Vijay Kannan.

The competition attracted teams from universities across the country, including Michigan State, the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Washington. Students were given the case two weeks prior to the competition and were judged based on the content, delivery, language skills and overall impact of their presentations.

Teams from the Huntsman School of Business have now placed in the top three in this competition two years in a row. Last year, the Spanish team finished in first place. Chad Albrecht, who coached the Portuguese team, was pleased with what he saw from them.

“They were head and shoulders above the other groups – the way they presented themselves, the way they communicated and the way they analyzed the case,” said Dr. Albrecht. “They had a great presentation put together.”