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MBA student screams nearly 30,000 times, then faints

People have heard Corey Keate scream nearly 30,000 times in his Doritos commercial.

The cost of producing a Super Bowl commercial can reach more than $1 million. A local team, which includes an MBA student from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, might have just made one for under $60.

The crew spent $59 on a commercial that was entered into the “Crash the Super Bowl” advertising contest sponsored by Doritos and Pepsi Max. The 30-second ad is one of the most-viewed submissions on, the website for the contest. The commercial promotes Doritos corn chips and features USU MBA student Cory Keate and his uncle, Dave Kotter, and was produced by Ron Adair of Adair Creative Group, a Logan marketing firm.

In its first week on the website, the commercial received nearly 22,000 views. As of Dec. 10, it was the sixth place Doritos commercial and had received more than 29,000 hits. The more views it gets, the better the chance that the competition judges will select it as a possible candidate to air during the Super Bowl.

If the commercial is selected as one of the five finalists, the crew will get $25,000. Voters will then determine the top three, and Doritos will air each of them during the Super Bowl. Mr. Keate’s commercial could win $1 million if the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter determines it to be the best commercial of the day.

“A $60 commercial could potentially earn us $1 million,” said Mr. Keate. “How’s that for a return on investment?”

Mr. Keate, who began the MBA program in August 2010, said the commercial turned out better than he expected. He credited Mr. Adair’s video-making and editing skills and Mr. Kotter’s solid acting performance for the success of the commercial.

“This is a group of ragtag friends who spent less than $60 and we’re going to be pitted against the titans of advertising,” said Mr. Keate.

Mr. Keate said the success of the commercial is an example of the Huntsman School of Business’s motto to “Dare Mighty Things.”

“The professors in the Huntsman School of Business tell me that we shape our future and that our amount of determination is really going to make a difference,” said Mr. Keate. “They have dared us to do mighty things.”

The commercial, titled, “The Woodchipper (Alternate version),” can be found here. The video will appear after a short introduction of the contest.