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Students help Brian Regan bring laughs to Logan

Brian Regan

Photo by Brian Friedman

By Steve Eaton

A student-led group at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business was asked to help with a project recently and what it came up with proved laughable.

In this case, laughter was an indicator of success because the Huntsman Marketing Association was looking to fill seats for Logan performances by comedian Brian Regan. It wasn’t that he was having much trouble selling tickets on his own. He’d already nearly sold out two shows. With some help from the Huntsman Marketing Association, however, he sold out four performances.

Mr. Regan has been on the “Tonight Show” several times and the “David Letterman Show” more than 20 times. He’s done two one-hour specials for “Comedy Central,” appearing in specials on “Showtime” and “MTV,” and winning several awards, including the “Best Club Comedian” at the American Comedy Awards in 1996.

Most of the promotions the Huntsman Marketing Association did revolved around social media, according to Alexis Elsethagen, vice president of new membership for the association. Ms. Elsethagen is also in charge of social media for the association. She said they used the Huntsman Marketing Association’s Facebook site, the Huntsman School of Business Facebook page and other sites. The group even promoted a contest giving out free tickets to the best Brian Regan impersonator.

“We are always looking for challenging projects to tackle,” Ms. Elsethagen said. “This was a fun one, however, because people like Brian Regan. He’s so funny. He was an easy person to promote.”

When interviewed before his arrival in Logan, Mr. Regan didn’t know the students had been stirring up things to generate more sales.

“I am quite honored by that and quite happy about that,” he said when told of the work the students did. “I would love to be able to thank anybody and everybody who was involved with that. That’s terrific to hear.”

When Mr. Regan is in Utah, he’s recognized for being unusual; because his humor is free from the salty language that are a staple of most stand-up comic routines. Mr. Regan, however, said he isn’t going after a niche market of people who want clean comedians.

“I don’t sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and say, ‘Man, am I going to write some clean jokes today,” he said. “I just write about what I’m interested in. I guess it happens to not go in certain directions, but it is not the point of it. I’m not setting out to be a clean comedian. I’m just setting out to be a comedian.”

Mr. Regan’s humor apparently reaches out to diverse audiences. His 1997 CD, “Brian Regan Live” sold more than 150,000 copies and consistently charts in iTunes Top Ten Comedy Albums, according to his website. His newest CD “All By Myself” is now available for digital download through his website at:

Mr. Regan said he likes Utah, explaining that the people are very friendly and his show does well here. He said he is booked enough across the country to be successful, but he isn’t recognized everywhere he goes.

“I kind of have the best of both worlds,” he said. “I have enough of a fan base where I can have fun out on the road, but I’m also anonymous enough. I can be out and about and not really have to deal with what other people have to deal with.”

Steve Eaton, the Huntsman Post editor, interviewed Mr. Regan to do a freelance piece for the Deseret News. To read that story click here.