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Renovated Huntsman School website allows for customized viewing

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Editor’s note: Sterling Morris, who is working on his master’s degree in Management Information Systems, was the project manager in the redesign of the Huntsman website that was recently completed. We asked him to give us some background into the changes that have been made.

By Sterling Morris

Since its dedication in 1970, the George S. Eccles Business Building has served as an exceptional hub for learning for thousands of students at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. During the past four years, many Huntsman students, faculty, staff and friends have seen this building transform into a modern, more comfortable place to learn. Study and meeting spaces were added and technological capabilities were improved to meet the changing needs students face. It’s now not uncommon to see groups of students collaborating on a project in a study room, or a club holding a meeting in a remodeled classroom as a result of the renovation.

Similar to the renovation of our business building, we wanted to ensure that we were meeting our students’ needs on the Huntsman School’s website. We started searching for ways we could improve our website. We asked our community what they liked and disliked about our website. We looked at elements other business schools have implemented on their websites and asked our community what features they would find useful. We took the feedback we received and updated the website to meet the needs of our own users.

Some of the changes made to the website we would like to highlight include the following:

Customized Viewing Option

We created the ability for users to quickly view portions of the website relevant to them based on whether they are a student, faculty, staff, alumni or friend. We also wanted to meet the needs of potential employers. This new option improves navigation and makes it easier for people to find needed information.

New Content Sections

We added new sections of our website including a “News” page where users can get current Huntsman School information; “Executives and Corporations,” where recruiters can find Huntsman students; and “Alumni and Friends,” where the Huntsman School can connect with its alumni and community.

Continuous Improvement

We believe the process of meeting your changing needs will mean that our website will constantly evolve. We would like to hear your thoughts on the website, and you can share them by clicking on the blue “Give us feedback” link located toward the bottom left corner of the homepage.

This most recent website update has involved many hours of research, teamwork, programming, designing, discussing and problem solving. The Huntsman School webmaster, Shara Gibbons, provided leadership and attention to detail that helped make this update a success. John Johnson, Steve Eaton, Troy Oldham and Dave Patel provided helpful insights and suggestions throughout the process. Utah State University’s ezPlug team, that included Mandy Peterson, Russell Kirby, John Pope, Emily Flinders and Aaron Wells provided the top-notch programming expertise that made many website adjustments seamless. Huntsman School designer, Hilary Frisby, did an outstanding job interpreting research and designing the website. The Huntsman School’s student web development team worked closely together with Ms. Frisby and the ezPlug team to launch the website. That team includes Brent Meacham, Blake Nemelka and myself.