Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2014

Lars Hansen, in His Own Words

This much we know – Lars Hansen’s work has had a profound impact on our understanding of economics. And while even within the field of econometrics there is general agreement that Hansen’s work is the most technical and most difficult to explain to a layperson, his brilliance is spoken of in almost reverential terms. Hansen, the David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, Statistics, & the College and the Director of the Becker Friedman Institute, both at the University of Chicago, was recognized in December 2013, with the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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A Recipe for Excellence

It begins with great students. “As far as raw material goes, our students are as good as you can get,” Walther said. “The question then arises of how we develop that talent in a way that ensures their success.” Walther noted that as the School embarked on its journey to establish a national reputation, it began with a self-evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.

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Learning By Doing

When the course work lasts 24/7, the time spent in class doesn’t need to be long. At least that’s what students in Professor Paul Fjeldsted’s Investing Practicum class have found this year. In August, the class was tasked with the opportunity to manage $5 million for Zions Bank. Although the students were given guidelines, rules, and advice, they were free to invest the millions into the bonds of their choice through the Zions Direct bond store and auction platform.

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My Huntsman Experience: Steve Mortenson

As my time at the Huntsman School of Business comes to an end I realize that although I’m sad to leave, I’m ready and excited for the next step. Much of this is thanks to countless professors, advisors, deans, and staff members who have donated time out of their busy lives to benefit my education. Several of my professors have done more than just allow me to sit through their lectures.

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Coach at the Top

In December, alumnus Matt Wells, ‘96, Marketing, was named the Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year in his first year as head coach in the Aggies’ inaugural season in the MWC. After losing quarterback Chuckie Keeton, MIS, ‘15, early in the season, Wells was determined to qualify for a bowl game.

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From Huntsman to Honeywell, a Pipeline of Talent

When alumnus Mark James ‘86 opened a door for the Huntsman School to compete for an opportunity for internships in the highly selective Honeywell HR Internship Program, our students seized the chance. Five years in, the Huntsman School is now one of only five schools invited to compete for HR internships by Honeywell.

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Research Finds Top Ten Cues Employees Give Before They Quit

Employees who start taking more vacation time, punching out at 5 p.m. every day, and looking at outside openings on company time aren’t necessarily the ones about to leave. Management professor Tim Gardner’s research, receiving wide media coverage, looked at employee turnover and found some surprising indications of employees who are about to leave.

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Dean's Message

A Message from Dean Douglas D. Anderson

When news came last fall that my friend and USU classmate Lars Hansen had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, I thought of the famous quote by President Roosevelt to “dare mighty things.” It is something we exhort our students to do, and it is surely what Lars has done throughout his life. Lars graduated from Logan High School in 1970 and began his studies in Math and Political Science at USU that fall.

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My Favorite Professor

Master Class: A Two-Time Teacher of the Year Provides Real-World Database Experience

No one falls asleep when Bob Mills teaches. At least they don’t if they want to keep up. Dr. Mills’s academic train leaves the station quickly and the only people on it are those who constantly apply what they learn. Not much stays in the theoretical realm in his database management class. Everything is applied immediately as students code and try to solve problems that he gives them as fast as they can find solutions.

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Vision: Mark James

I was excited to be asked to offer thoughts on my vision of leadership. There are many books written on the topic but most of them focus on charisma and motivating people. There are three important areas leaders need to focus on and get right. 1. Pick the right strategy. This is important because otherwise you can motivate them to follow you in the wrong direction.

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Voice: William G. Murray

The most striking changes at USU are the available physical facilities. As I drive or walk through the campus, it is simply amazing to see the quality of the buildings, classrooms, performance halls and related facilities. Huntsman Hall is just another example of a top tier facility. In my view USU has the facilities to be a top tier, destination school in many fields of study.

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