Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2014

Two Huntsman Teams in Final Four

Two Huntsman teams have been selected as finalists in an international competition sponsored by the Association for Information Systems.

“There were only four teams picked in each category and there were entries submitted from around the world,” David Olsen, the head of the Management Information Systems department said of the competition. “We have a team among the final four in two different categories. That’s remarkable.”

Chad Williams, Conner Sorensen and Allan Follett entered a contest that required them to create a video. Their production focused on explaining what the phrase “big data” means and why students who study in this area have increased job opportunities.

Vishal Patel and Divya Reddy will be competing in the IT security category. To qualify as finalists they were asked to take on a case study that involved a company with very complex IT problems that wanted to simplify its systems and get a better return on investment.

Alan Follett, Chad Williams, and Conner Sorensen

Alan Follett, Chad Williams, and Conner Sorensen readying for the video competition

Divya Reddy and Vishal Patel

Divya Reddy and Vishal Patel discuss their game plan for the IT security competition