Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2013


Craig Petersen '68

"As a consequence of enthusiastic, sometimes irreverent, but always excellent instruction in large introductory economics courses over a period of 40 years, Dr. Craig Petersen awakened the intellectual curiosity that was previously lying dormant in thousands of young men and women. I was fortunate to be one of those students. It was my first “real” college level course and life was never the same after this experience. Thanks Dr. Petersen."

Tyler Bowles, ‘84, MS ‘86 Department Head, Economics & Finance


Norma Richards

"Norma’s love for the students comes across in everything she does, whether it is the birthday wish emails, the snack drawer kept well-stacked with healthy food items “just in case a student is hungry or doesn’t have money for lunch,” or the countless chats with students who were missing home or just needed someone to talk to. She will be sorely

Shannon Peterson, ‘90, MA ‘92 Co-director Huntsman Scholar Program


Chester Brough '79

"Chester Brough taught Business Law and Ethics since 2006, and was widely regarded by his students as a “professor who cares about us.” One of his students said that Professor Brough “understands the law and gives real experience examples of how to apply the law.” Professor Brough leaves USU to continue practicing law as a highly regarded attorney."

James Davis, Department Head, Management


Rosemary Fullerton '85, MAcc '90

"Dr. Fullerton was relentless in her desire to help students succeed. She was very approachable and quietly gave professional, emotional, and financial support to many students, most of whom probably never realized they were being mentored by a leading national expert on lean accounting."

Larry Walther, Department Head, Accounting


Mary Ann Clark '70

"Working with Mary Ann Clark made me a better person. She was a shining daily example of how to live, work, and treat others. She exemplified excellence, and renders anyone else’s use of the word somewhat shallow!"

Larry Walther, Department Head, Accounting