Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2013

Launching a New Era

Eccles Building Facts

The Eccles Building was created at a time when student enrollment was 1,016. today, enrollment just for the logan campus is over 2,200. every space available throughout the logan campus and the usu Regional campuses has been used to provide appropriate facilities for our students, faculty, and staff, and we have made considerable investments to upgrade the eccles Building. But as we transformed the academic experience for our students, we saw a real need to expand the physical footprint of the Huntsman school, creating a commanding visual presence to enhance the academic experience for future generations of aggies. Huntsman Hall will provide the space to bring all of our students into a common experience and to expand programmatic quality and scope. new classrooms, labs, and office space will more closely resemble those in the business community. it will be emblematic of our vision and values and promote interaction just through its very design. it will be a place for people to be involved with others, for active learning, for interaction, collaboration, teamwork. it will be student-centered. Most of all, we envision the physical space as one that promotes community.

Opening Fall 2015

Watch the progress of our new addition live: