Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2013

Inovar Continues to Thrive Under Alum Blake Kirby, Chairman

Blake Kirby started Inovar in a converted garage in Hyrum in 1998, based on an insight: there could be significant advantages to manufacturing certain kinds of products in the U.S. rather than overseas; specifically, he was thinking of innovative new products with important “intellectual property” elements, high complexity, critical quality requirements, and lower volumes. Those products tend to be in the medical, military, aerospace, and other high-end industrial categories.

So while others were outsourcing manufacturing to Asia, Mr. Kirby started manufacturing domestically in Logan, Utah. Today Inovar has four full production lines producing more than 400 different products per month. The business has more than doubled in the last three years. The largest product lines are components for unmanned aircraft including hand-held devices, used by soldiers, that communicate with drones or other military applications. Inovar also builds hardware for uses in cardiology, radiology, and various surgeries.

After a merger with inthinc in 2007, Blake bought the Inovar business back in 2009, then adding engineering resources, prototyping, and design to the firm’s capabilities.