Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2012

Accounting is a "Great Fit" for Women or Men Needing Job Flexibility

Accounting majors at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business become fluent in the “language of business.” They also gain access to a wide variety of career opportunities, including some of the most flexible jobs in the market.

Andrea Winkler, a mother of three, will begin the Huntsman School’s Master of Accounting program in the summer. She said while she expects to work full-time as a CPA, she is also attracted to the flex­ibility such a career can offer a mother.

“Once I got to the Huntsman School, I was able to talk to a lot of professors about future job opportu­nities,” Andrea said. “I found out that it’s a great fit for a mom. It can be very flexible.”

Rosemary Fullerton, associate professor of accounting at the Huntsman School of Business, echoed Winkler’s sentiment. She said the account­ing profession recognizes women as a valuable part of their workforce and is responding accordingly to their needs. She said accountants can work as full-time or part-time employees, or they can run their own business from home. She also noted tax season is relatively short, so while tax accountants can be very busy for four months of the year, the rest of the year their work schedules can be more flexible.

Despite these benefits, Dr. Fullerton said, the Huntsman School has few women in the gradu­ate accounting program. Females represent a much lower percentage of accounting graduate students at USU than the national norm.

“We’d like to find out why that is, and we want to encourage them to en­roll into the graduate accounting program because of the many career opportunities it provides,” Dr. Fullerton said. “We would like to increase the mo­tivation for both women and men to stay and earn their MAcc degree. It’s only three semesters, and it’s a natural thing to follow from the undergraduate program. It opens so many more professional doors if you complete that master’s program.”