Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2007

Company turns to student for help with management training

In Dilbert cartoons, interns are largely ignored people who are called upon to do things such as wave their arms in rooms where the lights are controlled by motion detectors.

Preston Chandler


Preston Chandler is not that kind of intern.

This fall Chandler, who is a senior, has been developing a management training program for Pepperidge Farms. Why was an intern developing a management training program?

Chandler came to the company with top recommendations from USU. He has, apparently, already developed a reputation for being good at what he does. Chandler said that his operations and human resources background helped. He is now is now majoring in statistics, operations and human resources.

"Having a dual background means I can train people because I have an HR background, but I know what to train them on because I have an operations background," he said.

The company also wanted to benefit from Chandler’s understanding of the lean approach. Lean is a philosophy promoted by the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business that emphasizes the importance of showing respect for employees, while eliminating waste, saving money, increasing productivity and improving quality.

Chandler said being involved with the Shingo Prize has opened doors for him. "I think I’m an okay student," he said, "but these opportunities would not be available, period, unless I was involved in the Shingo Prize."