Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2010

Required Reading

Jenna Jardine

Jenna Jardine, Senior, Public Relations major, photo by Russ Dixon

Building a great career is largely about creating a legacy as you focus on your own unique talents and passion for opportunities. This is one of the key messages of this year’s required reading, Great Work, Great Career, by Stephen R. Covey, professor at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and Jennifer Colosimo, chief operating officer at FranklinCovey.

The book teaches that when people begin to stop asking themselves questions like “How do I get a job?” or “How can I get promoted?” and instead ask themselves questions like “What is the contribution I want to make?” or “What is the legacy I want to leave?,” they are able to focus on doing something extraordinary and on building a great career. Focusing on the intersection of your talents, your passion, your conscience and a compelling market need is the authors’ suggested first step in discovering your unique contribution.

“A great career comes down to making a great contribution, to making a difference that matters to you and to the people you serve,” Dr. Covey and Ms. Colosimo said.

The book offers a series of activities, worksheets, introspective assignments and anecdotes to help the reader envision the possibilities of their own contribution and build the skills needed to create their own great career.

Building and maintaining relationships, expanding your circle of influence and “building your own village” of people who support you are examples of the suggestions the book gives for people striving to create a great career that will leave a legacy and not simply one that pays the bills.