Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2010

“Why would I recommend the Huntsman School?”

By Jake Dinsdale

As a recent MBA graduate, I asked myself, “Why would I recommend this business school to somebody I care about?” After reflection, there are many answers.

Jake Dinsdale

Jake Dinsdale, Photo by Sterling Morris

Over the past five years, I have witnessed great strides at the school. The association with the school’s namesake Jon M. Huntsman and the hiring of Dr. Stephen R. Covey as a member of the faculty have brought prestige to the school as well as a reputation for uncompromising ethical behavior. These events have already put the school on the map. Just beyond the headlines are several players devoting countless hours orchestrating elements of this continuing evolution. Distinguished alumni give time and professional perspectives to help students grow and succeed. Faculty members emphasize the importance of ethics in influencing some of today’s most successful and honest businessmen and women. And the school’s sprawling international programs stretch literally around the globe. It is this collective effort that has been emphasized by Dean Douglas D. Anderson as essential to the long-term success and legacy of the Huntsman School.

Students show initiative, pursuing internships and study programs around the globe, competing across the nation in prestigious business events and carrying with them the Huntsman and Aggie names wherever they go. Some have even jumped the gun and started successful businesses while still attending classes! This level of ownership on both a personal and collective level lifts the school beyond academics alone. Many Huntsman students understand that what they get out of their education depends entirely upon what they put into it.

The exposure to foreign cultures and business practices is reflected in class discussion and fosters global vision. The Shingo Prize has created connections with top-notch firms, representing another unique opportunity for innovative education of lean operations.

I see the school beginning to carve out a niche that is attracting top students who will move on to become tomorrow’s success stories.

So why, then, would I recommend somebody to attend the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business? Because it has a maturing legacy that is growing and gaining worth as the school’s name is continually associated with quality professionals who wear it on their resumes, on the walls of their offices and in their actions. These efforts and successes make degrees earned today worth more tomorrow. Dean Anderson’s vision of the Huntsman School reaching its full potential develops further with each passing year, as the school strives to gain a reputation as one of the best business institutions in the nation.