Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2010

Research Highlights - Management Department

Every day at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, faculty are engaged in meaningful research that is contributing to the world of knowledge. In addition to contributing thoughtful and innovative research to academic journals and presenting at prestigious conferences in their fields of expertise, our faculty are also collaborating with students, alumni and practitioners to provide research that adds insight to industry and information to aid in decision making. This fall, we focus on just a few highlights from our Management Department and the impact faculty members are making through the rigor and relevance of their scholarly contributions. Watch for highlights from our other departments in upcoming issues of the Huntsman Alumni Magazine.

“Much of the research in which the management faculty is engaged is done in collaboration with our students. Our faculty look for opportunities to enhance student learning through their direct participation in discovery and new knowledge dissemination. Senior student Darcy Stewart, for example, was recently recognized by the Huntsman School as the Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for her collaborative work with Dr. Ronda Callister on the influence of cultural characteristics on entrepreneurships. Each year a number of students participate in the school’s Research Group coordinated by Dr. Ken Bartkus. In collaboration with faculty, they produce research products that are presented in a variety of public forums, including professional meetings and journals.”

— Clifford Skousen, Interim Department Head of Management

WORK BY: Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford

“Wind Uprising”

Screened at Indie Spirit Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Mountain Film Festival, the Western Governors Association meeting, at the Environmental Protection Agency and a dozen other venues

An award-winning documentary about the four-year entrepreneurial struggle to establish commercial wind development in Utah’s Spanish Fork Canyon

“Sell the Wind”

To be published in Stanford Social
Innovation Review (Winter 2010)

“Harvesting Utah’s Urban Winds”

To be published in Solutions (November-December 2010)

WORK BY: Vijay Kannan

“Buyer–Supplier Relationships: The Impact of Supplier Selection and Buyer-Supplier Engagement on Relationship and Firm Performance’

Published in International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
‘Outstanding Paper’ award, Emerald Publishing (2007)

WORK BY: Ken Bartkus and Dan Holland

“In Search of Engaged Scholarship: Evidence of Collaborative Research in the Business Literature”

Published in Decision Line

Study found evidence and examined instances of practicing professionals and business scholars actively engaging with one another to produce knowledge that benefits business

WORK BY: Vijay Kannan

EDITOR OF: “International Business in the 21st Century, Volume 2 - Going Global: Implementing International Business Operations”

Published by Praeger Press

The book is to be published spring 2011

WORK BY: Brian Atwater, Vijay Kannan and Alan Stephens

“Cultivating Systemic Thinking in the Next Generation of Business Leaders”

Published in Academy of Management Journal of Learning and Education

Finalist for ‘Best Paper’ award, Academy of Management Journal of Learning and Education (2008)

WORK BY: Ken Bartkus and Stacey Hills

“The Quality of Guest Comment Cards: An empirical study of U.S. Lodging Chains”

Published in the Journal of Travel Research

Article examined the quality of customer comment cards and provided practical recommendations for improvement to help businesses obtain valid and timely feedback from customers