Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2010

4 pillars exemplified: entrepreneurial spirit

For the next four issues we will highlight a handful of alumni who display the qualities of each of our four pillars in their lives. This issue we focus on Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Webster defines entrepreneur as “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of business or enterprise.” For the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, entrepreneurial spirit is much more. It is the embodiment of innovative thinking and the ability to identify, create, analyze and seize opportunity. It is a passion for life, optimism, preparation and hard work. While entrepreneurial spirit is certainly found in a business owner, it can also be found in an employee who approaches a problem with innovative thinking, a mother who embraces her role of mentor with enthusiasm, a creative thinker who dares to put a new idea into the world. The alumni on the following pages inspire others with a work ethic, mindset and drive that exemplify entrepreneurial spirit. We applaud their careers, recognize their accomplishments, appreciate their dedication and are proud to call them our own.



By Allie Anderson and Cami Boehme:

Greg Peterson, ‘97, Accounting, USU

Jane Rogers, ’77, Business Education

Ajit Nair, ’96, MBA

Laird Washburn, ‘90, Speech

Kent Alder ’74, Finance, ‘80, Accounting

Tyrell Gray, ‘01, Finance

Patsy Nodilo,‘ 67, Economics

Jonathan Bullen, ‘78, Business Administration

Call for nominations: Do you know a member of the Huntsman alumni community who exhibits global vision in their life and work? Who can you think of who has embraced the challenges of globalization, championed culture or discovered unique opportunities on the global stage? We want to know. We want to tell their story. Email your nominations to