Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2011

Announcing Two Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professors

The Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professors are funded by a generous donation from Jon M. Huntsman. Eytan Sheshinski and Miles Spencer Kimball have been selected for the 2010-2011 academic year based on their extraordinary stature in academia, industry and policy making. Dr. Sheshinski’s and Dr. Kimball’s presence in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business will help build a solid foundation of excellence upon which the Economics and Finance Department, as well as the entire Huntsman School, will continue to build in the coming decades.

Eytan Sheshinski

A respected, internationally known professor who has held faculty positions at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and Princeton recently taught at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and said he liked what he saw.

Eytan Sheshinski became the first Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professor in February. Dr. Sheshinski is the Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Public Finance at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. While he was on campus, he taught a course to faculty, undergraduate and graduate students on annuity theory and annuity markets. He also spoke at two dean’s convocations.

Dr. Sheshinski said he was impressed with the faculty, students and administration at the Huntsman School of Business.

“I think you have a very dynamic administration,” he said, “and a very competent faculty.”

Dr. Sheshinski, who lives in Jerusalem, is well known in the Israel’s business community. From 1990-1995 he was the chair of the board of directors for Israel’s largest conglomerate, Koor Industries.

In 2009, Utah philanthropist Jon M. Huntsman announced he would fund several presidential chairs at USU’s business college that bears his name. Author Stephen R. Covey became the first Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership in February of 2010. School officials announced in 2011 that, thanks to the Huntsman funding, this year two visiting presidential chairs will be created. Dr. Covey is a permanent faculty member, but visiting professors rotate on a regular basis, delivering an intensive engagement in their fields of study.

Miles Kimball

One of the world’s most frequently cited economists has agreed to teach at Utah State University this spring.
Miles Kimball, professor of economics at the University of Michigan, has become the second Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professor. He hopes this will be the first of many visits to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

“I’m delighted to be coming to USU,” Dr. Kimball said. “I’m hoping to come back many years after this, as well. I think this will be more than a one-shot thing.”

Dr. Kimball is the 106th most cited economist in the world, according to Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). Much of his research focuses on cognitive economics, and his published studies have dealt with subjects such as the correlations between a person’s religion and his or her chosen major.

Dr. Kimball graduated with an A.B. degree in economics from Harvard University. He subsequently received a master’s degree in linguistics at Brigham Young University. In 1987, he graduated with a PhD in economics from Harvard and won the Wells prize for the best Harvard dissertation in economics.

During his two weeks on campus, Dr. Kimball will teach a two-week course about cognitive economics. He will also give a presentation open to the general public about the economics of happiness.