Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2010

“Career Accelerators” build confidence in students

Ron Godfrey, Lynne Pettit, and Barry Heninger

Ron Godfrey, Lynne Pettit and Barry Heninger are "career accelerators." (Photo by Sterling Morris)

By Megan Starley, contributor

Momentum is key for Huntsman graduates entering today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has hired three experienced professionals who the school is calling “career accelerators.”

As new additions to the Huntsman School of Business team, Ron Godfrey, Barry Heninger and Lynne Pettit work as career acceleration specialists. Drawing from their experience, they work one on one with students, helping them develop the skills they need to impress employers.

Landing a job takes more than just fulfilling qualifications and knowing the company, said Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Heninger and Mr. Pettit. It’s about connecting with people. While providing help for students in developing interpersonal skills and strengthening résumés, their advice is to “own the interview.”

“When someone walks through the door and begins to speak, you can tell if they’ve got leadership skills,” said Mr. Godfrey. “You can tell if they are principle-driven by how they treat others. We are looking for someone who has a motivation about them, who is internally driven, who empowers other people and enables them to do their best. That sort of inspirational behavior is easily picked up in an interview.”

“Our real purpose is to inspire passion for doing something that is beyond what students may have originally considered.”

- Barry Heninger

Along with helping students develop the skills needed to perform well in an interview, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Heninger and Mr. Pettit are making connections with USU alumni to create more internship opportunities.
“There is a large untapped alumni base at Utah State,” said Mr. Pettit. “They can do a lot of things for the school just by being who they are and the school can do a lot for them. A sense of belonging needs to be brought to these alumni, because they represent a great resource. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie.”

All graduates of USU, the three specialists have years of experience in the corporate world that they are bringing back to share with students in the Huntsman School. Mr. Godfrey was the vice president of manufacturing for Schreiber Foods and also worked as vice president of business and finance at USU. Mr. Heninger’s career has spanned various industries including retail, real estate and sports marketing. He has lived and worked in Japan, China, Europe and most recently, Australia. He is now a director of Global Sports Pty Ltd, which owns golf-related properties in Australia. Mr. Pettit worked in education as a teacher, high school principal and counselor before joining HyClone Laboratories in Logan. He eventually became international business development manager and worked in international business in Asia for more than 10 years. Now, back at Utah State, these career specialists are driven to work with students and help them succeed.

Mr. Heninger

Photo by Sterling Morris

“We can teach students basic skills to land a job after graduation,” said Mr. Heninger. “But our real purpose is to inspire passion for doing something that is beyond what they may have originally considered. The Huntsman School provides everything they need to become great leaders in industry. Our role is to help them realize they can compete with anyone.”

“I see what the students are, and I say, you’ve got to believe in yourself because I know you, and I believe in you,” said Mr. Pettit. “When you are self confident, you know you can be of help to someone and you want to contribute, then that comes out. It’s not through memorizing what you say or practicing.”