Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2010

Huntsman marketing director comes with bold ideas

Troy Oldham

Photo by Russ Dixon

By Natali Naegle, contributor

Everyone at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business wants to contribute in some way. There are few, however, whose contributions are as visible as those Troy Oldham has brought to USU.

He is the new executive director of marketing and branding at the Huntsman School of Business, and with Mr. Oldham that means going beyond ordering key chains and logo pens.

The first day of spring semester, students arrived to see the outside appearance of the building completely transformed by giant colorful posters featuring students and the phrase, “Dare Mighty Things.”

Mr. Oldham has been with Utah State University for six years as a lecturer in USU’s Department of Journalism and Communications. He started working in his new position in May of 2009 and began daring mighty things long before he made that part of the school’s culture.

Prior to joining USU, Mr. Oldham spent nearly 11 years working for the Microsoft Corporation in sales, marketing and management positions. While with Microsoft, Mr. Oldham and his family relocated for three adventurous years in Australia.

“I was fortunate early in my career at Microsoft to have worked with amazing and intelligent people,” Mr. Oldham said. “Today I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the incredible talent here at the Huntsman School of Business and to share my experience with USU students. And honestly, it is far more rewarding to work with students than to sell boxes of software. It gives me a heightened sense of purpose to join our dedicated faculty and staff as they help shape the next generation of future business leaders.”

“I can see significant parallels between the Huntsman School and Microsoft in the ‘90s when they were growing and becoming the great company they are today. It is an exciting time to be a part of the Huntsman School.”

- Troy Oldham

That future generation seems to find it easy to relate to Mr. Oldham. He volunteers for the Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol, coaches junior lacrosse and has recently learned the art of longboarding. (Longboarding, for those of you over 30, is like skateboarding on a very long skateboard.)

At USU, he keeps busy, teaching in the Department of Journalism and Communications and mentoring a staff of students he has drafted to help him dare mighty things.

For many Huntsman students, Mr. Oldham is an inspiration. His real-world experience with Microsoft, combined with his former expatriate status encourages students to pursue their own dreams.

Troy Oldham

Photo by Russ Dixon

“Troy has inspired me to meet my challenges and rise above them, and his encouragement doesn’t simply end with words,” said Chance Murray, a senior majoring in accounting. “He is here to help me define my dreams, and does everything in his power to help me achieve them.”

“Troy has a contagious enthusiasm for the Huntsman School and what we can accomplish,” said Ken Snyder, executive dean and chief administrative officer. “He has a vision of the future of the Huntsman School and is a key person in telling the story of how we will achieve that vision.”