Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2010

The Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership is destined for greatness

There is no shortage of organizations that would like to have Stephen R. Covey on their team.

When Dr. Covey brings his vision, his passion, his talent and his experience to the table, great things begin to happen.

Faculty, staff and students were able to see that first-hand when Dr. Covey came to speak at a Dean’s Convocation at USU on Feb. 24, just one week after his appointment was announced.

Cass Matheus and Stephen R. Covey

In anticipation of the announcement event in February, Cass Matheus, a Huntsman Master's of Science in management information systems student, purchased "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and red it in three days. He said he loved the book and was grateful for the opportunity to meet and talk with the author himself. (Photo by Casey McFarland)

“There is a real crisis of trust in the business community and in the world, yet there are also powerful examples of leaders with great character and competence who live their lives by timeless principles of enduring success,” Dr. Covey said. “Many of these ethical leaders are our co-workers, our friends and members of our alumni community. Working with them, we can have a tremendous amount of influence in shaping our future.”

In reference to a concept he calls “a trim tab” — the small rudder that turns the big rudder on an ocean liner — Dr. Covey said: “We have an opportunity to revolutionize teaching and instill the importance of principles in this next generation of leaders. We can be a “trim tab” for them, and they can be a trim tab for positive influence in the world.”

“The Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University will produce a leader that is equal to the greatest challenges of our day,” Dr. Covey said. “In a world where trust is becoming scarcer, we have the opportunity and responsibility to produce the kind of leaders who will not be swayed, but instead will become positive forces in their communities.”

Dean Douglas D. Anderson echoed Dr. Covey’s call for positive moral leadership in business.

“Today when people think of military science and leadership, they think first of West Point or Annapolis,” Dean Anderson said. “I look forward to the day when those who think of commerce and leadership will think first of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. It will become recognized as the premier place for those who want to master the art of principle-centered leadership.”

Dean Anderson said the launching of the Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership is an opportunity for the school, its alumni and friends to be a part of something great. The Huntsman School of Business has launched an initial campaign, with Dr. Covey’s help, to raise $10 million to fund the new center.

“The Covey Center for Leadership will influence the entire world around principle-centered living and leadership.”

- Stephen R. Covey

“We are enormously grateful to Stephen for his personal commitment and for his example in helping raise the funds to establish a Center for Leadership that will become a powerful transformational agent in the lives of our students and generations to come,” Dean Anderson said. “His teachings and his personal moral authority have a timeless and universal appeal. Long after we are gone, the principles he has espoused and his lifetime of service will go on illuminating and lifting others who will study and teach through the Covey Center for Leadership at Utah State University.”

Dean Anderson said the Huntsman School is wasting no time in taking steps to integrate Dr. Covey’s principles into the culture of the school and the curriculum.

“We believe that in order to train great leaders, we all need not only to be aware of these principles, but to practice them,” Dean Anderson said. “We believe the U.S. Army has it right when it says, ‘There is no lesson learned, unless a behavior is changed.’ We intend that the principles Dr. Covey has articulated will have a lasting impact on our students, our faculty and our staff as the new Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership becomes a reality. I’m hoping that those who share our vision, including our alumni and friends, will step forward now, when it really matters, to make personal contributions and help us raise funds for this great new center.”

Some proactive, culture-shaping initiatives already underway:

  • An intensive three-day seminar for faculty and staff to give them a focused refresher on principle-centered leadership.
  • The 8 Habits integrated into the curriculum, starting with a new course this fall that will help students develop a strong sense of purpose in their professional and personal lives.
  • A certification and mentoring program for students to earn distinction and then teach other students about principle-centered leadership.


GIVING: Your help is needed to fulfill the vision.

Visit the USU Giving page to contribute to the Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership