Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2010

A Message from the Dean

Dean Douglas D. Anderson

Douglas D. Anderson

One of the most rewarding things about serving as dean of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is the opportunity to work with so many people who share a vision of what this school can become. Our students come to us with a strong ethical framework and the will to work hard. We help them develop the analytical skills they will apply in innovative ways in the global marketplace. But more importantly, we seek to reinforce their desire to succeed without ethical compromise. We teach them that as they center on correct principles, they will have the confidence and capability to weather the storms that life will inevitably send their way.

Stephen Covey is one person who is known internationally for helping others see the value of living a principle-centered life. The fact that he has offered to help us not only shape tomorrow’s leaders but make the Huntsman School of Business the place people go to study principle-centered leadership, is news that has energized us all. It has helped us envision more clearly what we can achieve together. We are also motivated and inspired by his example: Dr. Covey is donating his entire salary back to the school.

It is fitting that Dr. Covey be the first to fill the Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership. Mr. Huntsman is someone we hold up as an example of a principle-centered leader who has succeeded and continues to serve others. These two leaders have made extraordinary contributions to society through their work, their philanthropy and their teachings. What a gift it is to have them working together on behalf of the students and faculty of Utah State University!

In this magazine, we invite you to get to know Dr. Covey better. You will also learn about the Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership and the great opportunity we all have now to contribute to something that will influence generations to come.

"We are also motivated and inspired by his example: Dr. Covey is donating his entire salary back to the school."

- Dean Douglas D. Anderson

You’ll also read about some outward evidence of the changes going on here at the Huntsman School of Business: several 22-foot-tall banners now stream over the main entrances to the George S. Eccles Business Building. They promote the theme “Dare Mighty Things.” We borrowed the phrase from a famous speech by President Theodore Roosevelt. We think it captures nicely our vision and mission for the school and for our students.

Our vision of what the Huntsman School of Business can become is continuously being refined and more sharply drawn. It’s exciting to discover new opportunities to make this vision even brighter — just one more thing that’s making this journey so rewarding. We invite you to join us. Who knows what’s around the next bend?

Doug Anderson