Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2008

Hansens pay surprise visit to student scholars

Students and the Hansens

Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen surprised dozens of Hansen
Scholars who had gathered to pose for a picture last fall.
Look closely at the top photo and you can see Mr. Hansen in
the back row waving at the camera, seconds before he was
discovered by the students. One hundred students received
scholarship assistance, thanks to the Hansen's generosity.

After last year's Annual Fall Awards Banquet, nearly 100 students gathered on some stairs in the Taggart Student Center to pose for a picture.

They had been dubbed the Hansen Scholars because they had all qualified to receive scholarships funded by Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen.

Most of them had never met the Hansens but they knew they were a couple that had selflessly decided to make the lives of 100 students much easier by offering them scholarships. The idea was to take a picture for the Hansens of the students they had helped, and the students were more than willing to participate.

Just minutes after the cameras started clicking there were suddenly two new people in the picture – the Hansens. They had heard about the photo opportunity and decided to go meet the students they had helped. The students were quick to applaud and cheer when they realized who was at the top of the stairs and Dell Loy offered them a few words of encouragement.

USU alumni, Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen, established ongoing scholarships last fall to assist outstanding upper-division undergraduates of the Huntsman School of Business. Scholarships of up to $400 were offered to 100 students who were not already covered by full-tuition scholarships.

It was a rare moment when such a large group of students were given the unexpected opportunity to directly thank those who had helped them. It was also a unique opportunity for the Hansens to meet those who have benefited from their generosity.