Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2008

Huntsman alumna earns top ranking as a financial advisor

Patsy Nodilo
Patsy Nodilo

A woman who heads an investment group that manages significant assets for individuals, and small and mid-sized pension plans, has been named to a list that recognizes the country's top 100 female financial advisors.

Patsy L. (Hatch) Nodilo is now the senior vice president, advisory & brokerage services, and senior portfolio manager, portfolio manager program, at UBS Financial Services in Phoenix Arizona. Nodilo, '67, was ranked #32 on the Barron's list of America's best female financial advisers as identified by researcher R.J. Shook, author of "The Winner's Circle" books. She was also listed by On Wall Street magazine as one of the outstanding brokers of the year in 1999.

To make the list, financial advisors must be successful and meet a number of criteria, including some based on the amount of money they manage, the revenue they generate for their firms and the caliber of service she and her team provide to clients. She said that building a reputation for integrity is a key to success in her business.

"Obviously, people do not turn over the management of their assets to you, and basically, their retirement and planning for their life and then stay with you for decades, if they don't trust you," she said.

She said that virtually every client she has is a referral from another client and that she has some clients where three generations of their families work with her group.