Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2011

New Faces: International media and marketing expert to co-direct strategic marketing

A media professional who has worked with top international firms in London, Hamburg, and New York for more than 20 years is bringing her experience home to the Huntsman School. Christine Rigby Arrington graduated summa cum laude in 1974 from USU with a bachelor’s in English, then earning a master’s in writing from Columbia University, and an MBA from Stanford Business School. She has joined the Huntsman School as senior lecturer and co-director of strategic marketing and brand management, where she will work with Eric Schulz to help build the school’s marketing programs.

Ms. Arrington headed corporate communications for Bristol-Myers and wrote for TIME Magazine before business school. She was recruited from Stanford into the prestigious “International Management Trainee” program of Gruner+Jahr, the largest magazine publisher in Europe. Posted in London and Hamburg, then New York, she led launches, strategic planning, and custom marketing for seven years; she created a $28 million custom marketing program with Target Stores and completed the market study that resulted in G+J’s $350 million purchase of the New York Times Magazine Group.

She was a co-founder of consulting group Quantum Media in 1998, now with 10 Principals in New York and Paris. Her clients have included Meredith, Reader’s Digest, Scientific American, Consumer Reports, PPV Medien in Munich, and more.

Ms. Arrington has been an adjunct professor at NYU for five years, teaching marketing for the master’s in publishing.