Living in Logan

A Great Place to Go to School

Logan ranked #5 Safest Community in the USA to live and raise a family.

Great Job Prospects

  • 75% of Huntsman graduates are employed within Utah.
  • Utah State University students graduate among those with the lowest debt of any major university in the USA.

Global, Diverse Student Body

  • 230 international students currently attend the Huntsman School
  • 60 percent of Huntsman students speak a language besides English
  • 47 different languages are spoken by Huntsman students
  • 46 percent of Huntsman students have lived outside of their home country for at least six months

Campus is life, and life is campus

  • Living on a residential campus, Huntsman students get an immersive college experience, far different from “commuter schools” like the University of Utah. Our students all live on-or-near campus, and nearly every students participates in any number of 200 on-campus clubs and associations. The Huntsman School alone hosts 19 different student clubs, from Finance and Entrepreneurship, to Business Intelligence and Marketing.
  • 75% of Huntsman students hold a part-time job while attending school