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Events affect image, reputation, community relations, recruitment, alumni relations, development and student relations.

Please submit any major events to robin.wheelwright@usu.edu for coordination on the Huntsman School Internal calendar. Once your date has been approved, we will put this information on the Huntsman School public events calendar which can be accessed through the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Events Calendar.

The public events calendar is open to anyone in the school. We strongly encourage reviewing this calendar before scheduling your event to ensure that we are not scheduling multiple events in the same time period.

By submitting an event to the public event calendar, your event will automatically be publicized in the Week-at-a-glance email, and on the lobby TV calendar feed.

Event Promotion

Week-at-a-glance email

  • The Week-at-a-glance email is sent out every Friday during a semester to students, faculty and staff. All events submitted by 11 a.m. on the previous Thursday will be included in the following day’s email.

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