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Entrepreneurship Club Hosts Event to Involve All Students

By Rob Goates

The night before the opening of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the Entrepreneurship Club hosted an event for students aimed at boosting involvement and raising awareness.

The event allowed for the more than 200 students in attendance from all over campus to come together and learn more about what the club does and the process that occurs when someone submits an idea for a business.

“We are overjoyed with the amount of response we’ve received,” said Bri Peterson, president of the Entrepreneurship Club. “With so many colleges being represented, we are excited to create a centralized location where anyone with an idea for a business can get the help they need to get it off the ground.”

The club is divided up into eight teams of students,with each team dedicated to a specific aspect of the entrepreneurial process, according to Mike Glauser, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence at USU.

“We want to stress the importance of peer-to-peer tutoring, by tapping the experiences of students who have tried and tested their own business ideas, so those students can, in turn, assist other students who have great ideas but don’t know how to get started,” Mike said.

One example is the design team, co-led by College of Engineering students Tucker Smith and Scott Marchant. They decided to join forces with the Huntsman School to tackle their entrepreneurial aspirations and to help other engineering students with a technical background do the same.

“The exciting thing about the [Entrepreneurship] Club from an engineer's perspective is that it gives engineers with great ideas and technical backgrounds a perfect avenue to make their ideas a reality,” Scott said. “What's more, it will quench a growing hunger within the engineering student body for hands-on experience. Amazing things happen when people with business skills and technical skills work together.”

Tucker said he would like to tap his engineering skills to launch a successful business.

“My real aspiration is to be a business owner,” Tucker said. “I hope to be able to be innovative in the technical sense and as an entrepreneur. The design team is giving me an opportunity to experience how engineering can be an essential part of successful entrepreneurship. I can hardly think of an opportunity that would be more perfectly tailored to my personal interests.”

Now, with the opening of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and the Lectures in Entrepreneurship Speaker series, the club has added support in reaching its goals and ideas.

“We have great faculty and staff support,” said Braden Thompson, the marketing team head. “We think that’s going to make the Entrepreneurship Club even more successful. We want to build on what’s been done and work to increase our name recognition as we become a university-wide organization.”

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