Shingo Institute Student Chapter

Mission Statement:

The Huntsman LCI provides students with experience and skills needed to get career placement before or upon graduation.

why should you join lci?

Constant inflow of job opportunities from Process Improvement Recruiters seeking experienced students with skills practiced and obtained through club events (100% of members received job offers in 2013 and 2014 with average $55K starting salary!)

Practice with interviews and other job skills (events include engaging trainings/practices, resume workshops with professionals, and company tours)

Create a network with professionals and mentors at the top of their field (World Renowned Shingo Institute at Utah State University)

Valuable knowledge and real world application to supplement classroom education (professional Shingo workshops, how to begin process improvement, 5S, Kaizen, Shingo Model, etc.)

Become a professional in the way you act and think (become who they want to hire)

CI in simple terms:

Continuous Improvement (CI) is the habit of improving processes so they are more effective, efficient, mistake-proof, and simple.

Who can join?

Our club is free to all USU students and all are invited to attend the club.  CI is applicable to every industry and field, and is demanded in many companies across a variety of industries.  Our club consists of mostly Business and Engineering students.

Join Leaders for Continuous Improvement