Global Affairs Committee

Mission Statement

The purpose of The Global Affairs Committee (GAC), a division of SIBED, is to support the Huntsman School of Business pillar of Global Vision by the creation and facilitation of opportunities in which international students and local students can connect and create lasting friendships. The GAC works to get both international and local students involved with campus activities. The GAC's goal is to create an 'added value' to our student's educational experience by exposing them to an international perspective in which they can come to appreciate the many different cultural aspects that exist within the world.

In order to accomplish this, each semester the GAC holds multiple international-cultural events in which students can learn about other cultures gain an international perspective. The GAC also organizes and manages 'The Campus GAP'. These events and The Campus GAP enhance the value of the educational experience at Utah State University by creating opportunities for students to network with each other, faculty, alumni and business professionals in an international context.

The Campus GAP

The Campus GAP (GAP = Global Aggie Program) was created to help enhance the educational experience at USU for all students by creating and facilitating opportunities and activities in which international students can connect with local students.

These activities serve a dual purpose; local students will be able to act as 'cultural ambassadors' and interact with international students and learn about them and their home country and culture. The international students will likewise learn about U.S. culture and be able to become better integrated into U.S. and campus life while forming lasting friendships and connections.

How does it work?

It's simple, each semester students who sign up for the The Campus GAP are paired up with a student from another country (international students with local students). We then facilitate fun activities throughout the semester in which students can get to know one another, develop friendships and create memories! Activities we organize and facilitate include:

  • Sporting events (football/basketball games, tail gate parties etc)
  • BBQ socials/fun games
  • Ice blocking
  • Ice Skating
  • Ski trips
  • School Events
  • Local Events
  • International-themed events
  • And many more!

The great thing about The Campus GAP is that you can come out, meet great people, enjoy campus life, and get to know fellow students from around the world! It's fun and easy and you'll be looking forward each week to the next, new activity!

The Campus GAP is open to all university students and encourages involvement by students of all majors. Don't miss your chance to enhance your college experience! Click here to sign up now!