Executive Team Positions


In charge of conducting officer meetings and club events, creating the budget, faculty coordination, and general administrative duties. Also responsible for networking within and outside of the School of Business to incorporate valuable interdisciplinary perspectives pertaining to different international topics.

Vice President (Global Affairs Liaison)

Responsible for attending all Global Affairs Committee meets, relaying all information back to SIBED and acting as a bridge between the clubs for dual events and other activities. Also assist the President with their various duties.

Go Global Liaison

Responsible for the majority of all requirements of Go Global week. This includes attending Go Global preparation meetings, coordinating the quiz bowl, and international film scholarship event. Will be working extensively with Liz Allred.


Manages Facebook page, this includes uploading pictures taken at club events, and making a constant effort in providing posts of events as well as informational posts on the page to keep club members interested and involved in the club. Also manages the club website, and twitter account.

Treasurer / Secretary

Manages receipts for student reimbursement, and records minutes of executive meetings.

Marketing Director

Sends out emails to club members for future event, works with the Huntsman marketing team to post events in classrooms, and posts events on Week-at-a-glance.